Thursday, March 17, 2005

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

lawsy wednesday morning

i can tell how lawsy this day will be..
can you believe me? early this morning, me go to the train station, suwe' nya aku, disuruh beli peron, couple minutes after that an old couple enter the d**n train stat. without paying!haaah..thst's sucks, small but sucks
semua uda looks sucks from early morning!i wish weekend comes really soon..
ada orang bijak yg bilang (bijakkah?): "qta ga akan ngerasa seneng,kalo ga pernah sedih"..well, mungkin i just consider orang itu bijak, eventough he's a party goers, he's quite deep
memang susah ya, human beings, ga pernah puas dikasi apapun, seneng mulu,boring. sedih dikit,ngeluh..parah
let's change our mood then (let me start with myself)
i wish it's raining men today..